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Books with a sense of place

Do you read much when you travel?

I love having a book that is set where I am visiting as I find it increases my understanding of a place.

Here are some I have read whilst travelling recently.

Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear them.

When I was travelling the #WildAtlanticWay in #Ireland I read the #TheGreenRoad by #AnneEnright, nominated for ManBookerPrize.

I have lots of Irish friends and felt the descriptions of the older generations rang true for me. What I gained from this book was the juxtaposition of young Ireland with my view of those who came before. As we travelled it helped me see the changes from the amazing #internetconnectivity in even the smallest of villages to the referendum on abortion laws.

Whilst staying in #Northumberland I read #TheMidwife by #TriciaCreswell. I picked it having heard the author, a clinician at Newcastle, being interviewed. It is an intriguing story set in both Northumberland and London told from the perspective of two characters. I enjoyed the historical and medical detail and the story retained my curiosity throughout.

A visit to #Norfolk introduced me to the #Shardlake series by #CJSansom – yes I am late to the party but what a joy! Although #Tombland is a weighty tome the story kept me engaged throughout so that I actually looked forward to escaping from the excitement of the day to get back to my book! I particularly enjoyed immersing myself in period of history I think I had one lesson on in school – #KettsRebellion. The interplay of the several characters gave me a really good understanding of the importance of Norfolk in #MedievalEngland and a keenness to spend time in #Norwich exploring the locations.

A visit to #SuttonHoo introduced me to a book by a local author who used her education and enthusiasm to create a story that journeys through #AngloSaxonEngland with confidence. #StormFrost by #PMSabinMoore brings history to life, and makes it so relatable because she really knows her stuff. I particularly enjoyed that the book was based on three important #AngloSaxonpoems. Made my trip to #Suffolk vibrant with history.

A recent trip to #Assynt in #Scotland felt like a trip back to the last century with my father. The air of the mountains and the thrill of a climb were brought back with the autobiography of #TomPatey by #MikeDixon. Well referenced and balanced with light and shade it is an exciting read and explains to me why #Ullapool and the #WestofScotland hold my spirit..

For #Orkney, I have chosen a factual book #Farstraers. This is put together so well by #JocelynRendall, it enthralled me every night. Using letters home we learn of life on the islands, the terrible #witchtrials and the struggle with #hunger which drove many to seek their fortune overseas.

So which books would you choose to illuminate visits

to Northumberland, Ireland, Scotland, Norfolk, Suffolk or Orkney?

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